Do not put your iPhone or Mac in rice!

An actual photo of what an iPhone logicboard that was dropped in water looked after it was placed in rice for a few days under the microscope. It isn’t our customer’s phone as we don’t yet provide iPhone repairs (even though we know how to), but the advice is the same.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 3.13.32 AM

Corrosion everywhere. The board could probably be repaired if it was not dunked in rice.

Do not EVER put your water soaked Macs or iPhones into RICE. Send it in for professional machine cleaning and repairs as soon as possible.

Mac Plus. Reliable Mac repairs. Mac SSD and RAM upgrades. Macbook Pro and Macbook Air batteries. Macbook LCD replacement. Water spill repairs. Macbook keyboard replacements.

Contact us if you need reliable Mac repairs, Mac SSD upgrades and Mac RAM upgrades. We do LAN Cabling and provide Wifi signal issue solutions as well.

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