Why you should never buy imitation lightning cables

I made the mistake of buying a imitation / knock-off / fake lightning cable for my iPhone 5 quite a while ago. And my friend who just bought her iPhone 5S a while ago did the same thing.

The cable broke after 3 days for me.

It broke in a week in my friend’s case.

Besides the fact that some of the fake cables refuse to charge or sync on iOS 7, there’s more serious danger in using such cables. When my cable’s internal parts broke, my Macbook Pro displayed the following message:










When I took apart the fake lightning connector, I found out that the internal wires broke and they were short-circuiting each other.


The wires had very poor insulation and were connected to the lightning connector by poor soldering.

The internal wires of Apple’s original lightning connector are properly insulated by a plastic mould. It is then encased in a metal case. This not only prevents the wires from short-circuiting, but also makes the part durable.

Fake cables can potentially spoil your iphones and ipads, and even your Macs.

The next time you purchase a lightning cable, go for MiFi (Made for iPhone/iPod/ipad) certified ones like Griffin, Moshi, or Apple.

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