Crucial Mac 8GB RAM (4GB x 2pcs) (1333Mhz) S$135

S$165 (inclusive of installation)

  • For Macbook Pro Unibodies 13″/15″/17″ (Late 2011)
  • For Mac Mini (Mid 2011)
  • For iMac 21.5″ & 27″ (Mid 2010/Mid 2011)
  • Upgrades your Macbook Pro to 8GB Memory (comprising of 2pcs  x 4GB Memory)
  • Crucial Mac RAM has been field-tested to run well of Macs
  • Lifetime official local distributor warranty


  • Add $45 for on-site installation

To Order:

  1. Contact us for interbank details
  2. Email the following to:
  • Name:
  • Interbank transaction no.:
  • Contact number (compulsory):
  • Address:
  • Option (choose one): Carry-in / On-Site
  • Appointment date:
  • Other remarks:

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